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Financial Services

Centre City Property Management Company provides top-quality service at reasonable, competitive rates, including a personalized management system with a full menu of options to fit your exact needs. Fully computerized accounting services, with clear, concise, easy-to-read monthly financial statements that include current balances and year-to-date totals. Complete disbursement services for vendor expenses, mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, utilities, etc.
Tenant Charges (Monthly)

Transactions By Tenant (Monthly)

  • Cash Flow: Details income and expense along with other cash transactions on a current month and year-to-date basis.
  • Income Register: Details all income and other credits for the current month.
  • Expense Register: Details all expenses and other outflows of cash for the current month.
  • Owner Statement: Ideal for single family homes and condominiums. This report summarizes all monthly activity in one statement.

Rent Roll
Summarize unit market rent vs. actual rent and any outstanding balances or credits.

Resident Charges
Details the prior month’s outstanding balances or credits, current month’s rent and other charges paid during the month and ending balances.

Separate Work Orders
A computerized means of keeping track of maintenance on your property, they specify what is to be done, at what maximum cost without further approval and what the expected completion date is. A great tool to use with vendors to control their activities in writing.

Unit Occupancy
Summarizes occupancy per unit for the specified time period requested for up to 12 months.

Rent History
Summarizes total rental income received on a unit-by-unit basis.

A customized visual breakdown of your account.

12 Month Cash Flow
This is a detailed basic cash flow statement, which includes up to 12 consecutive months all on one page. Figures are rounded off for simplifying its use. It’s great to track your properties progress over a year of possible seasonal fluctuations.

Detailed Trust Account Balance
Similar to an actual checkbook ledger, this report shows all income and expenses with a running balance total to the side and the net income at the end.